The Sounds of 2016

As we move through 2017, I couldn't think of just one artist to point out for the month of December that would conceptualize and end the year. So, I decided that the next best thing to do is to share a collection of artists that I have found throughout 2016. I have to admit, I am pretty stingy with the artists I find. I like to feel like I am the only one that has heard of them, even though I find them via reposts and stations on SoundCloud, Youtube autoplay, and musical mentions by Hypebeast, just to name a few mediums. I know feeling this way is a state of mind, but I like my manmade feeling of exclusivity (lol). But, there is no use for good things, if they're not shared with others. I have selected 12 artist finds for each musical month within the year. I hope these sound waves make your head bang, heart throwb, and butt twerk.

Stay Rad,


Ashley BerryComment