Richer Poorer x bLAck pARty


Are you richer or poorer than yesterday? The L.A. based brand, Richer Poorer, welcomes both types of individuals and revels in the hustle of any person that does what they love. Their streetwear aesthetics (if I may label it) encompass collaborations, monochromatic basics, and; of course, a plethora of uniquely designed socks.


On January 27, I was able to turn up to the shut down of the Richer Poorer Fairfax pop-up which featured the artist bLAck pARty and DJ Taja Barber. The party was stocked with the brand's collection, L.A. kool kids, and an open bar.
OPEN BAR: free beer and alcohol until it runs out, but tip the bartender!

It was great to meet some fellow entrepreneurs that were working in, or towards, the business field that they love. A few individuals enjoyed the struggle and experience they are gaining because no matter the difficulty; they love what they do.


To be honest, I have not heard of the Richer Poorer brand outside of the trade shows I have been to, but I heard about their shindig from Malik Flint's post on Instagram. Who knew I would be able to see an artist I love, discover another brand to admire, and find a fun curly-haired DJ all in one night. FUN FACT(s): I was able to meet bLAck pARty's girlfriend that night and she explained to me that the capital LA and AR in the artist's name represent the two states his family lives, or have lived. Currently, Malik Flint is here in Los Angeles, but is originally from Arkansas (and now you know). The song "Flowers Bloom" is a song that was written by  Malik Flint for his sister in hopes that she has an amazing future. All of the songs were performed acoustically demonstrating his recently acquired guitar skills.

Well, a big shout out to Richer Poorer for inviting LA to their store and for having a successful 6-month pop-up on Fairfax, as well as the great acoustic performance by bLAck pARty and vivacious set by DJ Taja Barber. I look forward to seeing more from both the brand and the artists in 2017 and beyond.

Stay Rad.

Ashley BerryComment