Couples that Create

I can say that I have had the opportunity to work with a loved one, someone I truly cared about, while I successfully and unsuccessfully created the ideas that popped into my head. It is a great feeling to be loved while doing what you love. For those of you that have experienced this or may think this concept is impossible, and anyone in between, I am here to share a few creative beings that construct their art in pairs, as well as individually.


About a year ago I met Allie and Daniel (aka Allie Rockk and DZYD) separately, one at a backyard show and the other at a show at the Observatory. Ironically, they were not together when I met them. Actually, they had recently broken up after a few years of dating since high school. I do not know if it was the music or just the pure love they have for each other; but after a few months apart, they came back together even stronger than before.

Since they have been back together, DIZZROCKK is the their newly found collab name that combines the styles of Allie and Daniel, as well as their love for each other, in one DJ Set. Catch these guys in OC providing good vibes to 90's & now hip-hop, R&B, and pop music.




Have you heard the beats by ESTA? The Soulection team has an amazing group of individuals that provide audio entertainment to the ears of the current times. One of the members is ESTA who creates vibrating mixes mixes that he is able to play for individuals around the globe. BUT! Let's take a moment to gush over his lovely girlfriend Alexis Q., a asgd. streetwear and lifestyle model that can be seen across social media and online if you are looking at brands and organizations such as: Nike Los Angeles and Weathervane for Women. I found out about this couple via Instagram, as you can tell by my selection of colleagued images, and fell in love with their projection of support and love on social media. Being that DJ ESTA's career requires a high amount of travel and Alexis' occupation requires different appearance and shoots, it was great to see a team of two people that have life plans that require them to be apart, but they are still together. "Love has no distance", a cliche or simple truth.


Go to Orange County, then drive to Downtown LA or even turn on your TV. You can catch Dabs Myla in a few different places, but no matter where the location, they will be together. These two married individuals make amazing murals, graphics, and art together with the ability to show their individual creativity in each piece. They call it luck and I can't help but believe it's much more than that. Watch their Interview to see just how easy they make it look.

Cool people right? No matter if you can relate to these cool cats or not, a fact that always stands true is that you have to love you to love what you do and everything else will fall into place. Maybe the few people I have shown you, out of this huge world we share, might spark a bit of hope in you that it is possible to love what you do and someone else too. Let me know your thoughts on creating as a couple, while in a relationship, or getting to know someone. And remember...

Stay Rad.

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