Late 90's Brand Comebacks


I know I am not the only one that has been seeing the gradual uprising of some of the 90's brand favs, such as Champion, Juicy, and FILA. They can now be seen on the 2016-2017 runway in collaboration with brands, such as Gosha Rubchinskiy and Vetements, on the bodies of your favorite street styles, and on some pretty famous butts.

What has sparked this trend comeback?

If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.
— Isaac Newton

It is true; in order to continue to grow, a person, brand, company must adapt to the trends of the most current times. Hence the FILA x Gosha Rubchinskiy collaboration. FILA will see more years of recognition if they collaborate with brands that are currently receiving attention from the fashion masses. Collaborations are a good way to expand, continue, and re-connect to a customer market. Usually, one party in the joint venture has a recognizable name that is well known because of different factors, such as years in business, and the other party has a piece of a business market that the other does not have, such as a following by millennials. In combination of these two businesses comes a mutual growth and a hopeful business expansion.

BUT, even with this knowledge, I circle back to the question at hand, "Why are late 90's brands making a come back now?" 2015 and 2016 were the years of the revamped 70's. Flare pants became cool and off-the-shoulder tops were the little bit of sexy a women needed (yes, every annual trend has a piece of another year previous to that, but let's stay focused). Maybe, to stay in a type of sequential order, the 90's styles are meant to play a part in your wardrobe again.

These brands, however, never left the market, they just left the spotlight. Champion is a subcategory of HANES and has been continuously making sportswear and accessories. Juicy Couture has been making apparel, aside from their iconic 2 piece velour, and fragrances that you might see at Marshalls. Lastly, FILA. Well, I had to research this one because I think the last time I saw a FILA item it was a pair of shoes at Payless (but, I could be wrong).  FILA has been selling their items at different retailers, including Burlington Coat Factory where I saw a pair of high-top FILA shoes for $19 (I guess Payless was not too far off). The funny thing about these apparently random 90's trends is that they are coming back more or as expensive as they were when they were "IN". Crazy right!? The Juicy velour, collaborative suits retails at Barney's for over $1000. A Gosha Rubchinskiy sweater can cost about $300, so the price of the FILA x Gosha collar crewneck would most likely be around the same AND Champion is becoming the sweater of choice by high-end manufacturers and upper-class individuals, and can cost around $64 at your local Urban Outfitters.

So, Is this a early 2017 fad that will die as quick as the Juicy velour sweatsuit left the style casters or will this be a trend that will evolve throughout the new year? Well, let me know if you've purchased your new FILA, Juicy, or Champion, as well as your thoughts on the 90's revamp in 2017.

stay rad.