For you mid-December Christmas shoppers, there is still hope to find unique gifts for the winter holiday, and you DON'T have to go to the mall. A little tip: Most things online won't make it before Christmas if they are ordered after Dec. 15th. I have compiled a few ideas below to spark your imagination if you are at loss with as to what to get for friends and family this Christmas. The list below was inspired by my visit to Unique Markets at the CMC where I was able to see Los Angeles brands present one of a kind pieces in one large space (Oh, the food was great too!). Get inspired below:

MIGUEZ • Hand stamped jewelry

MIGUEZ • Hand stamped jewelry


I would never ask for diamonds, but I would not turn them down either. There are a lot of companies making glistening statement and simplistic jewelry now-a-days. Get your loved one an embossed bracelet or necklace, sterling earnings,or a brass cuff. These rustic colors go great with the cold season and add a little bit of shine to the wearer. From what I have seen from some Los Angeles jewelry crafters, handmade metals or small diamond pieces start at around $30 (depending on a lot of factors: size, cut, etc). Hey, if they're worth it, they're worth it. Am I right?

GRAVITY LA • Printed & patched apparel & accessories

GRAVITY LA • Printed & patched apparel & accessories


Graphic, printed, plain, tees will always be a staple piece. Even if you feel like your friend is super stylish or, even better, if you feel like your friend has no style, a t-shirt is a never fail idea. It can be something printed and funny that they would love. It can be detailed and unique so that the wearer adds a bit of texture to their daily fit. Or, it can be as plain as jane so that they do not have to think to much whenever they want to wear it. And, you know what? If they do not like it, it can easily become a pajama shirt. Basically, all wins when it comes to tees.

Pamela V. • Unique fashion, leather bags, & jewelry

Pamela V. • Unique fashion, leather bags, & jewelry


Most, but of course not all, like leather. Depending on the type, it can have a nice feel, be very durable, and have particularly appealing smell. Leather is a great gift to give to someone you truly value beyond the extension of your time on earth because leather itself lasts a long time. For some reason, a person can feel a little more valued when they receive a gift made of leather because of the assumption that it was expensive. Luckily, leather comes in all different shapes and sizes, prices and values. A leather hat, wallet, or purse never goes out of style.

Dear Doggy • LA designed & Handcrafted pet apparel

Dear Doggy • LA designed & Handcrafted pet apparel


I had to through in the handsome Behr and his bow-tie. Sometimes you can give your dog loving friend, relative, or coworker a gift for their favorite non-human. Dogs and kids these days are owning as much swag as an adult. Give the gift of style to the pet of your animal loving friend this Christmas.



I cannot stress how important planners, organizers, agendas, what have you, are to the progression of any person. I received a planner, as well as a 500 prompt writing book (which I love), from my company's Christmas party and man, was it needed. 2017 is a new year and a great time to start an organized life. My favorite place for planners right now is TYPO, a hipsters stationary paradise.



I have to say, I pride myself on the gifts I give others because I buy or make them based off of a collection of information about a them. Some knowledge I have gained about people is that they can be picky. So, a gift card is NOT a bad idea. If you think about it, a gift card is a way for you to shop along side your loved one, at their favorite place, and buy them exactly what they want. This is done in spirit, or card form of course, but is still a gift no less.


Visit your local brands to find the unique, original, and one of a kind.
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