A Shoot in the Sun with Zielo Rivera

The sun is my favorite source of light. It can create hard shadows, illuminate a person, and bring out colors you wouldn't be able to see without the sun. Maybe it makes me feel as if an image is more natural when the light is from our center of the universe. Either way, the sun was my main source of light for the lifestyle shoot with the entrepreneurial, blogger Zielo Rivera at Thousand Steps Beach, Laguna, CA.


This shoot was based around Zielo's birthday, which was just a few days later, and was aimed to show the strength and happiness she has gained from her journey to 30. I shot two looks in 4 hours within a few miles of the enclosed Laguna beach. If you are looking for unique places to shoot, I highly suggest this app THE OUT BOUND COLLECTIVE or this site THEOUTBOUNDCOLLECTIVE.COMThere are some not so hidden gems that make for a great adventure and scenic background.

The team for this shoot consisted of... Zielo, myself, and two giant bags full of clothing, supplies, and equipment. I wouldn't recommend a team of two for shooting at this beach, but I will say a lot can be done through the willingness of your team no matter what size. Zielo was willing to go the distance for every shot and idea. Climbing, hiking, splashing were all things Zielo was able to endure for the vision I had in my head, but she herself could not see and trusted anyway. She wasn't willing to go into a watery cave full of crabs though, but that was understandable (still think it would've been a great shot haha).

Trust in the creative direction is so important for any artistic task being executed for another. Sometimes the trust has to be developed, sometimes it has to be created, and sometimes it is not there at all, BUT feel confident in what you create and your art will do the rest.

Stay Rad.



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