Kantaland Fashion Event at L(x) Studios


Those that know it love it, and those that don't want to know what it is. That was me trying to come up with an elaborate phrase to describe the newly established creative studio Location Unknown.

Creative Directors Khoa & Jon

Creative Directors Khoa & Jon

L(x), for short, was founded by the creative, entrepreneurial hustlers Khoa & Jon. I remember talking to Khoa about the idea of a creative studio that aesthetically influenced and imaginative individuals could use, as well as a place where brands could grow during a conversation in the summer of 2016 (no Drake). As I let the dream go into my memory bank, Khoa and Jon were building the business that can do just that. 2 months into the new year, Location Unknown had its first event, Kantaland.

Artist/Producer/Designer K.A.N.T.A

Artist/Producer/Designer K.A.N.T.A

Going by his DJ name, K.A.N.T.A. brought the sounds and designs to L(x). The room was dim with the main sources of light being light boxes that personified the collection of reconstructed vintage jackets designed and created by K.A.N.T.A himself. The rest of the room was illuminated by wall projections and a red light from the second floor. The room's visuals were put together by a team of individuals, which exemplified (to me) a true DTLA night.

I captured a few timeless moments including a rap cypher, beat production, 3D prints, re-made outerwear, and... some cool kicks. Check out my images below & let me know what you think! See you at the next event at the one and only Location Unknown L(x).



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