Studio Sets With Necessary Clothing

What Takes 4 hours, 57 yards of fabric and 3 women? A Necessary Clothing lookbook set.

Although to some the numbers listed above may seem untrue, they are completely accurate. In 4 hours, the Necessary Clothing team and I were able to create 2 sets composed of paper, fabric and a lot of knots. The idea behind the layered textures were derived from the creative director Dureen Troung who created fun imagery with a glistening retro hue provided by the lighting and lens effects from the photographer Brian Triambl.


The looks put together played on the 70's trend that has saturated fashion during 2017 as well as the popular color aesthetic consisting of vibrant colors. Each piece of fabric was found around the streets of the Los Angeles Fashion District during the holiday months where shimmering fabric is at an abundance. Once the supplies were collected, it was manual back and forth up and down ladders and stairs, standing close then afar, as well as cutting and draping fabric to create the set curated in Dureen's mind. 

The hardest part of it all? you might ask, sticking to the plan. When shopping for fabric to use for the backdrops, it was easy to be swayed into new ideas or for new ideas to spark when your options become larger as you look around. Create a vision board or guide or simply remind yourself as to what you are doing and why you are doing it so you don't lose focus from the project at hand. If we didn't do this, we would have been over budget and owners of a lot of pink chiffon.

Meet The Creatives

creative director DUREEN TROUNG | photographer BRIAN TRIAMBL | model RACHEL BRANN | mua LUNA MARIPOSA | fashion assistant Ashley Berry

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