"Not All Negative Comments are Bad Comments"

At the 2016 Stylecon, there were different panels that took over the velveted stage. One panel that I was able to watch was the YouTube Stars segment. This included the influencers Mackenzie Marie, Gabrielle CurrentLexie LombardBryn McCrystal, and Suede Brooks speaking on their YouTube rise, position, and opinion. Each of the panelist's answers to the questions Melanie Bromley gave were slightly similar, but one statement stayed with me. When the stylish group of YouTube stars were asked, "what advice can you give to people that look to create videos as you do", Lexie Lombard responded with an unexpected, but honest, answer.

Not all negative comments are bad comments. Look at the negative comments, analyze them, then see if you are actually the problem or if your content is lacking.
— Lexie Lombard

When this statement was made, my attention was instantly grabbed. It made me think of the times that I had left comments that were meant for constructive criticism, but were taken as negativity towards the person's craft. When it comes to the display of something for the public to view, it is good to receive a response. Feedback creates growth; and if a person is trying to reach people through outlets, such as YouTube, then feedback should be accepted, if not appreciated. I do not think all negative comments are constructive, though. But, even the comments aiming to harm a person's progress helps to develop strength within the creator. In all, read comments, but do not let comments dictate who you are or want to be.

Ashley BerryComment