What can a 22-year-old do while still attending school? Create a business. Adeline yeh is a fashion savvy, go-getter and creator of fait par adeline. "made By adeline", the english translation, is a compilation of handmade chokers utilizing unique designs, styles and textures to add to the 2016, rising trend. I was able to capture adeline herself at the huntington library in San marino, ca. the images will be used in her 2016 lookbook, website and social media. look out for adeline yeh; for her entrepreneurial spirit will not let her stop at accessories. 

I want to do everything. Fashion, marketing, PR, design. I want do it all
— Adeline Yeh


"you are what you eat", a common phrase that akid brand can use to describe their new supermarket super group collection. akid has created shoes titled banana, lettuce, chocolate milk and many other foods that you can find at your grocery store. this company has found a clever way to demonstrate what a kid's lifestyle is made up of. what more could i do when i was able to create their web banner, email blast and instagram image than to grab some of a child's favorite fruits and create a simple grid of food and shoes. find these nutritious sneaks at



A young entrepreneur that strives to fulfill her dreams and will not settle for less. This describes the heavenly named Zielo Rivera. This young women is a vibrant and ambitious mother that has invested in her dream with her recent development of I am proud to be a part of her creative team, along with the visual artist mario sanchez. Look through her blog that I have developed and edited in order to express zielo's vision of a place for a women to find inspiration. 

Find what you love and follow your own heart. Do the things you’ve always dreamt about! Even if it gets hard at times, take action. Its your life so live to the fullest!
— Zielo Rivera